Magnesio Natural - 100% natural magnesium

100% natural magnesium


A perfect supplement for athletes

Excellent recovery after physical activity


100% natural magnesium


Reduces stress

Each capsule contains
500mg magnesium


100% natural magnesium


Enjoy the benefits of our natural magnesium


100% natural magnesium


Prevents you from serious injuries


100% natural magnesium


Strengthens the nervous system


100% natural magnesium


Reduces the blood pressure



The relaxing effect of magnesium

The relaxing effect of magnesium In the past few years the interest in magnesium worldwide has extremely increased. A lot of attention has been paid on the effects of the mineral. An extraordinary important and well-known effect of magnesium is that it reduces and... read more

The benefits of our 100% natural magnesium

MSIsport: A 100% natural magnesium supplement. MSIsport is a unique 100% natural magnesium supplement. Natural magnesium is better absorbed and helps the body recover excellently after strenuous effort. Each capsule contains 500 mg natural magnesium and 40 mg vitamin... read more


Magnesio Natural: MSI Sport & MSI Health

All of Magnesio Natural its products are 100% natural. The magnesium salts are extracted by evaporation. Once they are evaporated, these salts are collected through natural processes and prepared for different uses. Magnesio Santa Isabel is responsible for this process. The capsules Magnesio Natural uses for its supplements are suitable for vegetarians.

MSI Sport is a 100% natural dietary supplement in the form of capsules. An important feature of Magnesio Natural its product MSIsport is the high concentration of 500 mg magnesium per capsule. MSI Sport helps the body to recover excellently after physical activity. Next to this, MSI Sport cleans and relaxes blood vessels and it contributres to a healthy cholesterol level. The body absorbs the supplements quickly and tremendously well.

MSI Health is now available, a 100% natural magnesium supplement in combination with collagen.

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