MSI Sport - 500 mg natural magnesium per capsule
100% Natural Magnesium


Magnesium is a crucial mineral component for our body and it is necessary to feel ourselves revived, full of energy and of vitality. that’s because its intake is unavoidable for the health, the growth and sport. the lack of magnesium may cause cramps, tiredness and letargie, tremors and nausea.

They calculated that 80% of world population presents hypomagnesemia symptoms and suffers from weariness, spasms, exhaustion sensation, irritability…

The correct supply of magnesium in our diet prevents usual impairments as sprains, pulled muscles, That’s not all! it’s also an excellent help for recovery from stress provoqued by physical activityand posseeds several advantages for our body….

Properties of Magnesium
  • It balances our metabolism – activating more then 300 enzymes designated to energy intake and distribution – particularly the heart beat and blood vessels pressure, making them more flexibleand also acting against cholesterol accumulation and the effect of sultry weather.
  • Magnesium prevents arthrosis and osteoporosis making the excess of calcium soluble, easing better muscular functioning and bone regeneration, increasing theresistance to efforts without incurring into pulled muscles, aches or injuries.
  • It reduces the onset of kidney, biliar or vescicular stones – taking part to their eventual eliminaton – and stimulates the production of antibodies in the immune system, amplifying our defences.
  • It controls the pH of the body and the gastrointestinal acid-base equilibrium, augments the  mucosal activity reactivating its functions, opposing in this way problems such gastritis or stipsis.
  • Magnesium also reduces and alleviates the pain dued to pre-menstrual symptoms, prevents premature childbirths. It’s recommended during the breastfeeding period as soon as menopause and in the postoperative phases after any surgical intervention.
  • At the level of the nervous system, magnesium re-establishes the neural homeostasis and stabilises th nervous impulses, bringing back psychic equilibrium in order to remove from our emotional range mood swings, agitation, dizziness, asthenia or depression.
Why to choose MSI Natural Magnesium


  • The correct intake for and adult is about 300mg per day
  • MSI Magnesio Natural produces capsules contaning up to 500mg of pure magnesium (99,6%) without additives or allergens
  • You only need to take 1-2 capsules per day (according to the product) to supply the correct dosis of magnesium
  • The capsule envelope contains exclusively vegetal gelatine which can dissolve very quicky, thus allowing a faster absorption
  • It fits with all the kinds of diet and overall…suitable for all the ages!!!
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